Childcare For Shift Workers, Zero Hour Contracts – We Can Help

Childcare for shift workers and zero hour contract workers

Little Plums Day Nursery Supports Shift Workers

More and more parents are struggling to find good affordable childcare for shift workers. It’s difficult to find Nurseries that offer greater flexibility to cater for zero hour contracts and shift workers. As a result many struggle to find childcare for shift workers

At Little Plums Day Nursery, we are offering parents greater flexibility with their childcare arrangements. We are not looking for long-term commitments, we are here to help you find the perfect Nursery to meet your needs.

We also accept fully funded places and allow you to use them wither greater flexibility.  Give us a call to discuss your needs and together we can hopefully find something that will help you manage your work commitments.

Childcare for Shift Workers / Zero Hour Contract Workers

Therefore call/contact Little Plums Nursery on 01623 27 27 30 today to discuss a host of options we have available.

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