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Little Plums Day Nursery is proud to be a full member of the National Day Nurseries Association.

About NDNA

At NDNA we’re ambitious for all children

National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) began as a group of nurseries who came together to share good practice and ideas.

Today, we are a rapidly growing, award-winning national charity with a committed and thriving membership across England, Scotland Wales and internationally.

Our aim is, and will always be, to make sure children get the best possible start in life. By empowering childcare settings to run high quality, sustainable businesses, we know children will benefit from the best care and learning, helping them to reach their potential.

Who benefits from our support?

If you care for a child, we’re here to support you with the latest, best-practice advice and support.
Nurseries, people working in early years, local authorities and international nurseries each have their own membership to make sure each one receives exactly the right kind of support from us.


What exactly do we do at NDNA?

We know that to achieve our mission of excellent care and early learning, will take a gradual process of training, support and encouragement; we’re constantly providing that support to our members through access to the latest training and ensuring their voices are heard through our influential surveys and campaigns.

We’re constantly campaigning for national government to secure a positive future for the childcare sector; recognising great performance through our annual nursery awards; and giving expert advice to our members whenever they need us.

Here are just some of the ways we’re delivering our mission:

 We are the influential, independent voice of the nursery sector: through our Childcare Challenge, we are campaigning national Government, on behalf of our members, to secure a choice of high quality and affordable childcare for children and parents everywhere.• We’re helping practitioners to be confident and have fun with maths, English and SEND through our Champions projects, every one of our member nurseries taking part has reported increased confidence in maths.
• Our quality improvement scheme, e-Quality Counts, is the only quality improvement scheme specifically for nurseries, recognising exemplary childcare.
• We highlight the fantastic work and care that nurseries and practitioners provide to one million children and their families across the UK in the annual NDNA Nursery Awards.
• The NDNA Annual Nursery Survey helps us to understand the current challenges facing the sector as a whole, and to respond by campaigning for national government to make the changes that will make a real difference.
• Our annual Workforce Survey gathers the views of the early years workforce on prime issues affecting the sector, which we can use to lobby policy-makers to help shape and improve the landscape of the sector for both employers and practitioners.
• We’re giving our members invaluable support and advice through our expert publications and best practice templates that help them to be healthy and successful.

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