Play at home activities

At Little Plums Day Nursery we have produced a number of fun play at home activities that parents can complete with their child to support their continued development.

We ask that when you complete these activities that you take pictures/ short videos and send these through to us using our parent zone app. We will use these observations to track the child’s development at home.

Instruction on how to send us your observations Pictures/Videos From Home.  

Adding-Observations-From-Home-Parent Zone


Play at home Games for the park

Play at home In the park

Play at home Mark making and creative.

Play at home Mark making outdoors

Play at home Moving to Learn

Play at home Number and Shape

Play at home Nursery Rhymes

Play at home Play dough

Play_at_home_Building active minds

Play_at_home_Fun with sounds

Play_at_home_heuristic play6



Play at home Attention and Listening

Play at home Books and stories

Play at home Cornflour

Play at home Creative Activities

Play at home Cutting & Sticking

Play at home Den Making

Play at home Developing strong fingers